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A Bajillion Hits is a boutique viral-social strategy and marketing consulting firm specializing in expert opinion on next-gen synergies. Targeted and driven by hot young industry veteran Alex Blagg, A Bajillion Hits will deliver the high-impact traffic and monetization goals for your business or brand. 

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Chillspacing: How to Have the Coolest and Most Creative Office in the World

As part of my 2011 Lotus Awards hosting duties, I recently visited top ad agency Rethink to put my cool/creative workplace theories to the “IRL” test, and lead a guided video tour outlining some dynamic action items for anyone who wants to transform their own office or workplace into the trans-media creative live-work-play biosphere of their dreams, with Bon Iver Muzak and everything!

A Social Media Guru Walks Into An Ad Agency

As part of my duties as host of the 2011 Lotus Awards, I dropped by a 10am morning meeting at big-time ad agency DDB in Vancouver where their best and brightest share the latest links and buzz in an attempt to inspire each other’s innovation. My links and buzz were obviously superior and I ended up jacking their strat approximately 10x. I love advertising.

Plungr: A Splashy New Social Network

I came to New York City for Internet Week, but my time here hasn’t just been a big party. I’m actually in town to jack buzz and raise capital to fund my disruptive new social media start-up, Plungr - the world’s first bathroom-based social network. Watch this video to see me crush it and get crowned King of the Internet.

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How To Give A 5-Word Acceptance Speech at the Webby Awards

The Webby Awards are given to people who achieve excellence in the Internet-jacking arts, which is why I have literally twos of them. And as a Webby-winning veteran, I can tell you: figuring out what to say in your five-word acceptance speech can be a very difficult, even agonizing decision. Luckily, I’ve created this handy assortment of acceptance speech pro tips for all the Webby winners, and the hundreds of millions of you out there not cool and successful enough to win an Internet award who will instead be giving your own pretend Webby acceptance speeches in front of a mirror on Monday night. You’re welcome.

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(Directed by Andy Schlachtenhaufen, Edited by Steffen Schlachtenhaufen)

Internet Week NY In-Flight Safety Video

As an official brandbassador/flight attendant for Internet Week NY, I prepared this in-flight safety video to ensure a smooth, successful, socially networked festival for all attendees.

Please take note of my many Internet Week pro-tips, and the sweet Southwest Airlines swag I was just casually hanging out in for no particular financially-motivated reason.

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(Directed by Andy Schlachtenhaufen)