Anatomy of a Viral: The KFC Double Rainbow Spoof

Here’s a spoof I made recently. You’ve probably already seen it, because it went pretty viral. Below I’ll share my secrets about how I made it happen.

Title: Double KFC All The Way

Strat: When I identified the original Double Rainbow Guy video as having a clear viral trajectory only a few days after it launched, I knew that I had a brief window of opportunity in which i could catch some of the viral drift by inserting myself into its buzz-cycle with a classic “spoof” technique.¬†

Method:¬†Luckily, this one was super easy. I just targeted my neighborhood Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell store, and since they already know me there, they didn’t mind my tooling around their drive-thru a couple times and screaming at them like a hippie on a bad trip. The one tricky part was holding the camera and acting while also driving. I’m not sure this was legal, and I almost wrecked their drive-thru menu a few times.

Lesson: The biggest mistake I made on this one was not pre-negotiating a viral marketing deal with the KFC/Taco Bell people. I basically just gave them a whole bunch of free buzz engagement on spec. If any of the KFC/Taco Bell marketing people are reading this, please circle back with me. I’d be glad to re-create the magic by monetizing this thing.

Hits: 470,00 views, plus countless blog embeds and Retweets

Virality Score: 7.2