15 Brand Names For Egg Nog Energy Drinks, Which Should Exist

Christmas can be pretty exhausting, which is why I can’t believe yet another holiday season is upon us and STILL no one has thought to create Egg Nog Energy Drinks. I think there’s a huge missed market opportunity here.

I’m too busy winning The Whole Internet™ to create these high-powered seasonal treats myself, but in the spirit of holiday giving, here are 15 brand name ideas I just made up for Egg Nog Energy Drinks, which absolutely should exist.

Get your strat together, beverage-makers.

1. Eggstreme Nog

2. Santa Crunk

3. Red Nose

4. NogMonster!!!

5. Four Lokristmas

6. Jingle Juice

7. Noel Throttle

8. Elf Hammer

9. Santadrenaline

10. Yule Fuel

11. Reindeer Rock

12. O TannenBOMB

13. Jolt To the World

14. St. Nick’s Hard Eggerade

15. Egg Nog Nitro X

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