Important Internet & Tech Predictions That Will Definitely Happen In 2k11 (VIRAL VID)

Happy New Year. Now that we’re through with Two-Thousand-and-Win, It’s time for us to start looking forward to Two-Thousand-Next-Leven, in which I’m going to jack the Internet even harder.

As a philanthropic service, and cavalier challenge to my enemies, I’ve decided to provide you with this comprehensive viral vid countdown of my predictions for the strat innovations, paradigm shifts, and social media landscape adjustments that will definitely be taking place in tech and Internet media this coming year. 

So you should ignore the other “tech prediction” trash that’s being talked out there, and focus solely on this, because I’m the only one who is right.

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(Directed by Andy and Steffen SchlachtenhaufenShot/Edited By: Andy Schlachtenhaufen. Music by Joey CienianFor more Wheelhouse Creative, go here and here.)